CJ7 Jeep Repli-Tubs

(Replacement For Jeep Bodies And Tubs)

The Truth About Willys/Jeep CJ7 Jeep Body

The Willys/Jeep CJ7 Jeep was the one of the most produced Jeep CJ models ever built. Built from 1955 - 1983, many hundreds of thousands of CJ7’s were built in the Toledo, OH assembly plant. Being so vastly produced, makes them also so vastly restored. To this day, there is only one factory making an aftermarket tub body. and to this day, there is only one company re-engineering these tub bodies so that they will fit an original or aftermarket frame...Willys-Overland Motors.

We at Willys manufacture the Repli-Tub (TM), so that it is guaranteed to bolt directly and easily to your original or aftermarket Jeep chassis.

  • The mounting holes will be correctly located.
  • The holes in the floor to connect your fuel lines will be correctly located.
  • Tail light and back up light wiring holes will be correctly located.
  • Floor pedal holes will be correctly located.

You will never hear these Repli-Tub “guarantee” statements made by anyone, other than Willys-Overland Motors. Please either call or write for pictures, pricing, and a video of our exclusive Repli-Tub process. See why our Willys CJ7 Jeep Repli-Tub is guaranteed to bolt quickly and easily to your original or aftermarket Jeep chassis.

Jeep CJ7 Tub / Body

A little about our process;

First, when deciding what direction and options are best for your CJ7 project, you will speak directly to me, the owner of the company. I can answer all of your questions about our exclusive “bolt on ready” Repli-Tub, as well as any questions about your other jeep body restoration or refurbishing options. If I don’t know the answer to any question, I will get the answer, quickly and honestly, and call or e-mail you back. Once you have decided to purchase a Repli-Tub, I will be the one taking your order and asking you the important questions about how specifically to build the body, exactly the way you want and need it. So many of our customers have told us that we actually mis-named our product...instead of Repli-Tub, we really should have named it “The Easy Tub”! Mounting your CJ7 body may just be the easiest part of the entire restoration process.

For those of you who want an even MORE finished product, we offer the option to have your body sprayed with a waterproof coating called Bullet Liner. Bullet Liner is the next phase of technology, after Line X, invented by the same man who invented Line X. There is no better way to protect your investment from the rust you are currently seeing on your original body.

I personally supervise every step of the process, from order, to building, to crating and shipping your Jeep CJ7. I will be with you through the entire process, and can even help you source whatever parts you need that we might not carry. And speaking of shipping, after 22 years of building and shipping CJ and Military Jeeps, we have designed a crate so functional that even our commercial trucking companies use it as an example to their customers, of how to protect their own products.

I look forward to hearing from you so we can begin the process.


419-531-0707 | info@willysoverland.com