• Our Repli-Tubs bolt to chasis in 1 hour
  • Willys Overland Jeep Repli-Tubs
  • Willys Overland Jeep Repli-Tubs

The Willys Overland Repli-Tub, See the Difference!

When you buy a Jeep replacement body from Willy’s Overland Motors, you get a Repli-Tub that requires little work from YOU and easily mounts. You get a Repli-Tub that is custom-fit to your Jeep model.

You get the Willy’s guarantee. Other sellers of Jeep bodies offer disclaimers, we offer a guarantee.

We focus solely on what we know we do better than anyone else, both in quality and customer service.

Call us today, we have the knowledge to help you get the right parts for your Jeep.

419-531-0707 | TOLEDO, OHIO | HOME OF THE JEEP


"Picked up the tub and other stuff on Saturday...I must say...I’m impressed. VERY happy with everything." - Jeryn F

We have the knowledge, You have the Jeep.

Call Willy's Today at 419-531-0707 OR complete our online form today and someone will get back to you>>

Just one example of the success and awesome bragging rights you can achieve with a Jeep Repli-Tub from us, and clearly some time, hard work and patience that you and your helpers provide.

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